Workers Shouldn’t Have to Sign Away Their Rights 
to Class Action Lawsuits

by David Weil. Harvard Business Review, 6.5.18.

In his classic book, Exit, Voice, and Loyalty, the political scientist A.O Hirschman argued that dissatisfaction with a product, service, relationship, or other outcome can give rise to two broad options: one can walk away (exit) or try to change the outcome by engagement (voice). In the labor market, exit and voice takes the form of either quitting a job or using channels—unions, internal dispute resolution, rights granted by government—to seek changes in conditions at work.

There are many benefits if workers have the ability to exercise voice rather than being forced to exit by quitting. From the perspective of businesses ... 

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Gig economy is no excuse for lax protections for 
American workers

by David Weil. The Hill, 4.16.18.

The Colorado state Senate recently passed legislation based on the proposition that in the brave new economy, platform business models that provide flexible employment opportunities can require their workers to bear the downside risks of wage theft, unemployment, injuries, and even sexual harassment at the workplace. This simplistic tradeoff is not only wrong, it's dangerous.

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