Op-Eds and Essays 

Gig economy is no excuse for lax protections for American workers,” 
by David Weil. The Hill, 4.16.18. Read the piece.

“Restaurants have no right to take employees’ tips,” by Heidi Shierholz and
David Weil. The Guardian, 2.6.18. Read the piece.

“Millennial Employees Aren’t The Problem. The Transformed Workplace Is.,”
by David Weil. Huffpost, 12.14.17. Read the piece. 

“Reflecting on a Fissured World,” by David Weil. Perspectives on Work, 2017.
Download the pdf.

“Defend Obama’s Overtime Policy,” by David Weil. U.S. News & World Report,
10.25.17. Read the article.

“Labor Day Should Really Be Called ‘Inequality Day’,” by David Weil. HuffPost,
9.1.17. Read the article. 

“Lots of Employees Get Misclassified as Contractors. Here’s Why It Matters,”
by David Weil. Harvard Business Review. 7.5.17. Read the article.

“Want to know if a job is safe? The government should let you find out,”
by David Michaels and David Weil. The Hill, 5.30.17. Read the article.

“How to Make Employment Fair in an Age of Contracting and Temp Work,”
by David Weil. Harvard Business Review. 3.3.17. Read the article.

“Labor Standards, the Fissured Workplace, and the On-Demand Economy,” by
David Weil and Tanya Goldman. Perspectives on Work, 2016. Read the article.