“Lookingglass Theatre’s BEYOND CARING Review—Labor Lawyer’s
Weigh In,” by Jon Karmel, 4.17.17. Post this Picture. Read the review.

“Big Chains Don’t Want To Be Considered Employers of Franchise
Workers,” by Sophie Quinton. STATELINE, 3.15.17. Read the article.

“The Future of the Department of Labor Under Trump,” by Alana Semu
els, The Atlantic. 3.6.17. Read the article. 

“Shaky Jobs, Sluggish Wages: Reasons Are at Home,” 
by Eduardo Porter, New York Times. 2.28.17. Read the article.

“The increasing importance of a Labor Department that
understands the threats to workers in the current economy,”
by Jared Bernstein, Washington Post. 2.20.17. Read

“Obama’s Wage Enforcer Won’t Hail an Uber Over Workers’ Status,” 
by Josh Eidelson, Bloomberg. 1.12.17. Read.

“Obama’s Chief Labor Standards Enforcer Wants the Gig Economy to
Work for Workers,” by Ben Schiller, Fast Company. 01.11.17. Read.

“Don’t bankrupt labor department’s mission, wages chief tells Trump
nominee,” by Steven Greenhouse, The Guardian. 1.3.17. Read.  

“Donald Trump’s incoming labor secretary could put hourly workers 
‘at peril’: Wage and Hours chief,” By Sophia Tesfay, Salon. 1.3.17. Read.

“Here's what could be in store for workers under Trump,” 
By Sara Mojtehedzadeh, The Star. 2.16.17. Read.

One of Weil’s last posts on the Department of Labor blog—removed almost immediately by the Trump administration—was this important piece on wages and the garment industry. Read it here.

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