“The future of work… as determined by Uber?” Interview with David Weil
by Molly Wood on Marketplace Tech. 11.26.20. Read or Listen.

“Making the Gig Economy Work for Gig Economy Workers,” seminar with
David Weil and Brian Chen for the German Marshall Fund, 7.15.20. Watch
the video.

“Who's Responsible Here?,” webinar presentation by David Weil and Tanya
Goldman at the University of Sao Paulo Labor Law seminar. 6.19.20. Watch
the video. 

“Sharing the Impact of Emergency Cash,” The Workers Lab blog, panel
discussion, 6.12.20. Read about it. (Report and video available from this

“The Future of Work: Preserving Worker Protections in the Modern Economy,”
Testimony by David Weil at the US House Labor and Education Committee
hearing on 10/23/20. Watch

“Building Better Workplaces: A Discussion at the Jewish Vocational
Services Economic Opportunity Forum” with Aron Ain (CEO of Kronos)
and David Weil. 5.15.19. Watch.

“Does the Gig Economy Expose Workers to Sexual Harassment?”
Interview with David Weil. Institute for New Economic Thinking,
5.8.19. Listen.

“The mystery of stagnating wages. David Weil elucidates.” OECD
(The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development),
10.18. Listen to the podcast.

“When ‘Made in America’ Means Made in Sweatshops,” on 
The Takeaway, 9.11.17. Listen to a conversation with David Weil on
the WNYC website.