Wage-Law Enforcer Favors Proactive Approach,” by Lauren Weber. The Wall Street Journal. 12.30.14. Read the article.

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U.S. DOL official urges raising the federal minimum wage at U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting.” The Dallas Morning News. 6.21.14. Read the article.

 the leading finance journal in Israel, has an extensive interview and discussion of the book on its site. In Hebrew, here

The May/June, 2014, edition of The World Financial Review contains an article entitled “Vignettes from the Modern Workplace” by David. Read it.

“How fast food keeps wages down, and what’s being done about it.” MSNBC. 6.5.14. Read it.

A June 8, 2014 Boston Globe article talks about David's recent appointment to the Labor Department. Read it.

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