“What’s Driving Inequality: CEO Pay or Company Success?” by Greg Ip. The Wall Street Journal. 11.5.15. Read the article.

“Meet Washington’s wage and hour enforcer,” by Amy B. Dean. Al Jazeera America. 10.19.15. Read the article. 

“The Future of Work: The Political Work Ahead” by Herrick Chapman and Lizabeth Cohen. Pacific Standard.10.8.15. Read the article.

“Why workers haven't reaped the rewards of the economic recovery,” Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC.9.6.15. Find the video here.

“An excellent start toward de-fissuring the workplace, by Timothy Noah, MSNBC. 7.30.15. Read the article. 

“Clinton says she’d ‘crack down’ on independent contractor abuse. Obama already has.” by Lydia DePillis. Washington Post. 7.15.15. Read the article. 

“Growth in the ‘Gig Economy’ Fuels Work Force Anxieties,” by Naom Schneider. New York Times. 7.12.15. Read the article.

“Bosses Reclassify Workers to Cut Costs,” by Lauren Weber. Wall Street Journal. 6.30.15. Read a preview of the article.

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“Tufts Students Stage ‘Indefinite’ Hunger Strike Against Janitor Layoffs,” by Rachel Luban. In These Times, 5.4.15. Read the article. 

Successful investigation into worker misclassification is victory for Utahns,” by David Weil. Deseret News, 5.1.15. Read the article. 

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Low borrowing costs keep recovery in gear,” by Robert Kuttner. Boston Globe. 3.13.15. Read the article.

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