The Fissured Workplace in the World

The Maquiladora Health & Safety Support Network is a volunteer network of 300 occupational safety and health professionals who have placed their names on a resource list to provide information, technical assistance and on-site instruction regarding workplace hazards to worker and community organizations in the developing world. Visit their site for a list of resources on supply chains and corporate social responsibility.

“Accounting for fissured workforces: Why we need workforce disclosure that accounts for the entire employment footprint,” by Shannon Rohan, the Director of Responsible Investment Leadership at the Shareholder Association for Research and Education. 6.15.18. Read her article on the SHARE site. 

“The gig economy: lower wages, more injuries, horrible benefits. It’s worse than you think,” by Sarah Kessler, author of Gigged: The end of the job and the future of work. Read her article on the Literary Hub site.

“This temp agency worker shows up at the same office every day. But his agency says he’s not a real employee,” by Sarah Mojtehedzadeh. Read her article on the The Toronto Star site.