“Cities as ‘Laboratories of Democracy’ to Improve Labor Policies,”
by Kwon Ki-bum,, 12.12.18. Read the article (in original
Korean). Read the article (in English translation).

“Pass-Through Deduction in 2017 Tax Law Could Weaken Wages
and Workplace Standards,” by Brendan Duke, Center on Budget
and Policy Priorities.
12.19.18. Read the article.
“New research shows the franchise business model harms workers
and franchisees, with the problem rooted in current antitrust law,”
by Brian Callaci, Washington Center for Equitable Growth. 12.13.18.
Read the article.

“How temp workers became the norm in America,” by Scott Tong, 
Marketplace, 11.15.18. Read the article.

“Amazon Raises Minimum Pay for Everyone—Except These Workers,” 
by Olivia Zaleski, Bloomberg, 11.1.18. Read the article.

“Trump’s NLRB Just Quietly Ruled to Make Union Pickets Illegal,” 
by Moshe Z. Marvit, IN THESE TIMES, 10.26.18. Read the article.

“Harvard Is Vaulting Workers Into the Middle Class With High Pay. 
Can Anyone Else Follow Its Lead?,” by Eduardo Porter, New York 
9.8.18. Read the article.

Trump Administration Launches Effort to Help Employers Comply 
With Labor Laws,” by Heidi Vogt, Wall Street Journal, 8.28.18. 
Read the article.

Microsoft Bug Testers Unionized. Then They Were Dismissed,”
 by Josh Eidelson  and Hassan Kanu, Bloomberg Businessweek.
8.23.18. Read the article.

Trump hits corporate violators — with a feather,” by Suzy Khimm,, 8.20.18. Read the article.

Unpaid: After Hurricane Harvey, Texas failed to defend workers
against wage exploitation,” by James Barragán, Dallas News, 8.18.18.
Read the article.

Inside Google’s Shadow Workforce,” by Mark Bergen and Josh Eidelson,
Bloomberg, 7.25.18. Read the article.

“Labor Dept. Still Doubling Down on Most Wage Settlements,” by Ben Penn,
Bloomberg BNA. 7.9.18. Read the article.

“The Class Struggle According to Donald Trump,” by Thomas B. Edsall, 
New York Times. 6.7.18. Read the article.

Worker deaths continue to rise in Mass.,” by Katie Johnson, 
Boston Globe. 4.26.18. Read the article.

“White House Aims to Staff Up Wage & Hour Division,” by Ben Penn,
Bloomberg Law. 4.4.18. Read the article.

“Gig Economy Renews Debate Over Whether Contractors Are Really
Employees,” by Yuki Noguchi, NPR. 3.7.18. Hear or read the piece.

“A Horrifying Path to America for Hotel Workers,” by Ariel 
Ramchandani, The Atlantic. 3.1.18. Read the article.

​“Behind the minimum wage fight, a sweeping failure to enforce the law,” 
by Marianne Levine, Politico. 2.18.18. Read the piece.

“Future of Work, Switched On Emotional Awakening, Screen Cleaning,” 
David Weil interviewed on Matt Townsend Show on byuradio. 2.16.18. 
Listen to the piece.

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